Seeing and Loving Plants Face-to-Face

There is a direct line of communication between every human and every plant and all we have to do is pick up the phone. This phone line reveals some, but not all, qualities of plants: clairvoyance (seeing clearly), clairaudience (hearing clearly), clairempathy (feeling clearly), telepathy, hypnosis, dictation of literature. But in order to have access to this phone line, we have to admit to all the possibility of all these psychic qualities in ourselves. I’ve been on this phone line for many years now. I’ve had very detailed hour-long conversations with plants without ever needing to open my mouth. Plants talk to me; I talk to them. This is one of the most natural things humans can do.

I am conversations with bees and bugs and spiders and thorns and rocks and baby trees.

shamans at work

They are all my peers. Flowers have told me how much they loved me and how cute I was. Flies have told me to hold them close to my heart. It’s true. Birds invite me to their concerts, and I sing too. All things seen and unseen in nature are so pregnant with their own profundity that a hierarchy of beings in the natural world is impossible. So, no — a human life is not more precious and sentient than other life on this living planet. I hold the consciousness of everyone in nature on the tip of my tongue. The song of crickets is my voice.

Plants and their many songs are quite loud and clear from wherever you choose to listen. Their energies can be stunning and jarring, render you speechless, calming, and the sight can even be blinding. I was weeding bindweed once, and one bindweed shouted “NO, NOT ME” authoritatively — I had to obey. Plants routinely stop me in my tracks, lost for breath almost, instantly knowing i’m in the presence of royalty — meaning, the Ground of All Being. Simple walks down the street become concert halls. To say plants are alive is the understatement of the century. It cannot be put into words though — you must be able to stand inside of plantsong and birdsong and know the continuous trance state of their prescience and presence. One must become stuck in the perpetual traffic of plantsong. When the bird sings in the tree, their song must travel through the tree and through you also. If it didn’t, you wouldn’t hear their song and neither would the tree. One must look into the eye of Nature and see everyone there as being equal to them in every single way.

sexy honeybee at desert lavender (hyptis emoryi) in Anza Borrego Desert State Park


Plants sing. Leaves talk. Bark reasons. Everyone in nature reasons, not only that particular instance of nature — the two-legged animal called human. Plantsong is what happens when you look at a plant through the Eyes of Soul — without the naming the plant, without thinking of it as “I am human looking at plant” or even as “a plant”, without thought, by being completely still, by allowing the nature of the soul the Form called “Plant” finds itself in. The thorns grab you in their loving embrace, and you are called to reckon with their majesty. Yes, thorns are the bodies of very intelligent souls. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t look so beautiful. The way a leaf is moved emotionally by the wind is decided by that leaf. Every thought of every human has been recorded in the history of pollen — especially the masculine part of us, since pollen and the anther is the floral component of the Divine Masculine. Insects are also a very happy part of plantsong, otherwise they wouldn’t spend so much time crawling on plants, merging with them, becoming them. Whenever they point their antennae down or around to feel where they are going, they are plantsong. Ariel, the guardian angel of nature, is a part of the song too, she wants us all to come home to her bosom — she told me so, and so much more. The way resin purrs when the pine brings it out, the maple breathing sap, frankincense and myrrh from their trees – none of these things could happen without plantsong: the way of all plants, the sound of grace, ease, lightness.

Seeing plants face-to-face means you have to look at them without thought, and once you see them, loving them becomes quite effortless.


I am Love


I love everyone. Often, I get urges to tell people I really don’t know well, or at all, that I love them. I usually don’t, but I will start to, so if I say it to you, and you are confused and don’t know why — there is no why. I have no reason, other than that you are and I am, which is enough. Indeed, this is all it takes, because pure love is a natural outgrowth of Being, of giving birth to one’s light body. Loving everyone (taking the word in the grand sense to mean every “thing”, seen and unseen, on this planet and the cosmos) means being completely incapable of judging the natural flow of experience or Life itself. I am experience. Which is another way of saying that I am Love. And this love that I am is not directed at anyone in particular, has no goal or ambition, has no preferences for how the object of one’s love should act or be in order to “deserve” my love. True love is beyond moral desert. Radiating love is a natural consequence of not judging, not being for or against anything, accepting the fact that pure awareness and you are the same river. The river simply flows, it does not curse the rocks in the way (there is even no concept of being “in the way” as an obstacle, but, the river is “the Way, the Truth and the Life” (Saint John 14:6), so everything literally is the river) but merely washes over them with detached compassion. The river that does not discriminate between moral and immoral, spiritual and non-spiritual, enlightened and unenlightened, good and bad, that which hurts me and that which pleases me. This is what Jesus meant when he said, “And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take from the water of life freely”. (Revelation 22:17) The sun shines and the rain pours on whoever will receive them. 

So if I tell you I love you, and I’ve just met you or I known you for 10 years — but in reality, I will always have “just met you” if I am a field of Conscious Presence and I die to past and future every moment (i.e. the moment is Me) — then it is true, and is my way of saying that I am you, because you are Love, too.

So, I love you, even if you don’t like it or think its weird, even if you think that makes me gay, weak, less of a man, or naive and childish to love someone without reciprocity.

Moreover, one could never reject this Love in particular, because it is not directed at anyone in particular; it simply radiates outward in all directions. Human love is something you do. Divine Love is something you are. It is a way of eternally blushing in front of yourself. And when you blush eternally, everyone around you will find out eventually and be infected by you. Imagine a crowd of strangers blushing so long, so vividly, so vulnerably, that the concepts of shame, blame and guilt are rendered completely and utterly unthinkable to them.

By being love, you are never in need of it — as it’s simply your natural state.