Bees and Unicorns and Shit

Central Bulgaria, my amazing home for 6 weeks in summer 2014

Collected poems from my insomnia, my third eye’s favorite snack.

The Blood and the Breath

unicorn is sister to bee
is root for oak
is wife to bobcat
is friend to ant
is lover to roach
is bed for grass
is mother of bear
is father of whale
is grandmother of elephant
is uncle of me
and we ride seas
hoof in hand


my wings! ~ she shouts
my blood! ~ i exhale
my breath carries her wings
not my breath, but ~ Breath.


Because Mother Said So

flying wild horses
from another planet
but also loving this one
are too real
too true
too alive
my heart is full
of their relatives
how can I hold them all?


I must, for mother
asked me to
my wings will come too, one day
and when they do
stars c thru me


Let Stones Reason

plants that grow as they will
stones that fall where they need
animals that walk as they like
fish that swim as they reason
bugs that are free as wind
birds that pray wherever, whenever
rivers that joy as rivers do flow


endless chatter of stones, that walk
subtle reason of lakes, that bounce
nuance of dragons ~ and their flies
such light mirth of clouds, that flee
the iron will of butterflies, who preach
the sweet lips of wolves, that seduce
steel gaze of cows, such telepathy
fluent nose of bears, that chirps
celestial lute of bark, nubile yet noble
the nocturnal face of ocean, such witch
is my firstborn


Looking Horses in the Eye

whorl such whirlwind that be
horse forehead say third eye
does make unicorn horn
no accident
which give me joy
to see and know and true
all such eyes as myself


unicorns can fly, and do
through souls of those
who trace such feelings
where thought ends
and Being begins
horses will fly through you
and carry what is left of you
to their realm